Windows 101 : How to get the Windows 10 Creators Update

So you’ve been waiting and checking updates constantly to see if the Creators Update of Windows 10 is ready for you PC but until now you still don’t have it! Here’s how to force it in your PC.

1.  Download the Windows 10 Update Assistant HERE 

2.  Run the the Update Assistant to download the bits of the creators update and click Update Now


3.  The Update Assistant will check your hardware for compatibility.  If no issues found you may proceed with the update by clicking Next.


4. The Update Assistant will start downloading the Creators Update.  You may click minimize and continue other tasks that you are doing in your PC while waiting for the it to be completed.


5.  Once the download is complete the Update Assistant will notify you that the update is ready.  Save everything that you are working on and click Restart now.


Your PC will restart a couple f times to complete the update so be patient.  Have fun with the new creator’s update!

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